What We Do To Help Control The Community Cat Population In Montreal

about-us-catFounded in May 2003, STERI-ANIMAL is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization run by volunteers only.

Our mandate is to fund and promote sterilization as a means to humanely reduce the overpopulation of community (stray and feral) cats in and around Montreal.

Specifically we:

  1. use donated funds to have veterinarians sterilize community cats;
  2. fund the vaccination of vulnerable community cats against the three most common feline infections (panleucopaenia, calicivirus, and viral rhinotracheitis);
  3. arrange to have community cats tested if we suspect that they may be virus carriers; Common viruses in Montreal include the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV);
  4. raise funds for our sterilization and vaccination programs through art shows, bowl-a-thons, garage sales, and other events;
  5. financially assist people of limited means who cannot afford the full cost of having their own cats sterilized;
  6. collaborate with communities and cat rescue groups to help us in our mission;
  7. provide educational material on reducing cat overpopulation and on animal health.

STERI-ANIMAL is dedicated to sterilization as a means to reduce the population of unwanted cats in and around Montreal in a humane and effective way.

Our approach is to focus on working with a small number of colonies at any given time. We do this because sterilizing all cats from a single colony is more effective than sterilizing a few cats from many different colonies.

It is scientifically proven that at least 70 percent of the community cats in a city must be sterilized to stop population growth. For us, 70 percent is the passing grade and our ultimate goal.

To learn more about community cat control, visit our resources section.

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